Where’s My A-P-P-R-E-C-I-A-T-I-O-N & R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

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Hey Mommies!

There’s always sooo much on my plate as a SiNgLe MoMmY! Remember I told you in “FiRsT StEpS” that I’m a full-time SUPER-mom, which is the ultimate job of the universe. I find myself cooking, cleaning, wiping noses and tears, teaching responsibility, encouraging creativity and learning, cultivating gifts, discouraging bad behavior, chastening, and loving unconditionally, day in and day out.

Parenting is one of thee most demanding responsibilities for a mother and a father, but when a mother finds herself being a stand-in dad too, the load is much heavier. And let me just say that my hat is off to any woman that is raising more than one child alone…I can only imagine what your days are like.

Sadly, SiNgLe MoMmIeS are not Appreciated & Respected as we should be at times, by our children, in our homes or in society, for Continue reading Where’s My A-P-P-R-E-C-I-A-T-I-O-N & R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

MommyHood: We Do What We Have To

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Hey ladies and gentlemen!!! I hope you’re still enjoying SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS! I appreciate your support whether you’re visiting for the first time or have been supporting since the beginning with “FiRsT StEpS.”

I realized that I had to give myself a quick mental break from all this talk about “LoVe UnCoMpLiCaTeD” and focus on something more significant than my life in all its “SiNgLeNeSs.” At such a vulnerable state (i.e. thee time of the month), it was starting to wear me down hence the post “CaTcH 22.”

What could be more notable than my emotional tug-o-war with my desire to be single….wait no, married…uh…maybe single again? MoMmYhOoD! Yes, I LOVE being TJ’s mom! It’s a responsibility I do Continue reading MommyHood: We Do What We Have To

Catch 22: When They’re Old Enough To Be Your Dad


Hey Mommies!

Whew!! This weekend was H—E—double hockey sticks for me. First off, it is that dreaded time of the month, which has consisted of some pill-popping (Excedrin that is), for the pain; moping and whining, for the pain; and plenty of high heating pad usage, for the pain. I finally took the time to research whether or not the heat from the pad was frying my precious ovaries. Lucky for me, and everyone else around, it’s recommended.

With the onslaught of debilitating uterus contractions aka CRAMPS!!!, I’ve been tortured with lower back pain, a migraine or two or seven, some bloating, weight gain, a pimple here and there, and a hormonal imbalance where at any given moment, without warning, I’m liable to snap at an innocent victim or break down and cry about everything or nothing at all…it depends. I mean, it’s a reoccurring nightmare, every single month.

And ladies, I’m so ashamed to admit this—but I have to, so I can sleep Continue reading Catch 22: When They’re Old Enough To Be Your Dad

Mommy, Don’t Be A Baggage Handler

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Hey Mommies!!

Okay, so I really thought that it was time for me to dedicate an entire post to a sensitive subject that I’m sure a lot of us women know all about. Regardless of what team you’re representing; single, taken, married, or divorced; you’ve probably discussed it or have been blamed for doing it by a man at some point. And it’s something SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS has coined as “BaGgAgE HaNdLeRs.”

Those of you that kept up with the “WrOnG MiStEr” series, particularly PaRt 2, you would know that I’m not talking about a Samsonite rolling suitcase or a TravelPro carry-on. I’m referring to the emotional and psychological issues that we women “allegedly” carry from one bad break-up or nasty divorce into a new and improved relationship.

First let me say, I can’t speak for every one of you, but I know that I have definitely been responsible for carrying baggage around. In fact, I accumulated a lot of it over the years, and walked away from Continue reading Mommy, Don’t Be A Baggage Handler

Could A Love Uncomplicated Be Race Related?


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Hey ladies and gentlemen!!! So glad you’re back. I decided to start posting SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS later in the day because most of you weren’t able to read the blog until after you got home from work. This way I won’t have to bug people with multiple FB posts and tweets. I always include links to posts at the end, so please check them out, if you haven’t already.

So anyway, “WrOnG MiStEr” Pt. 8 didn’t quite end the way most people expected it to, not even me. I guess when it was all said and done; the story was a lot sadder on paper than it was in reality. Now don’t get me wrong, I was seriously heart-broken when I noticed that things were starting to change between us.

Really, how could MiStEr with all is glorious qualifications–physically attractiveness (body like a chiseled sculpture), cultural diversity (intriguing foreigner with a sexy accent), spirituality (a must for me), academic advancement (three degrees), financial stability (six figure salary)—who was also very loving, attentive, charming and romantic, start off to be such a gentleMANcarrying me over puddles and everything—end up being such a jerk?!?

I knew one thing for sure, after I tried talking to him about it, I wasn’t Continue reading Could A Love Uncomplicated Be Race Related?

Wrong Mister Part 8: The Long Distance Between Us


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Hey ladies (and gentlemen) and all my SMF newbies! I’m excited that you’re back this week. I always appreciate the support. And real quick, if you haven’t already, please check out the other seven WrOnG MiStEr posts to get caught up on this story. The rest of you know what to do.

So, picking up where we left off on Friday, I was finally in a real relationship after a four year, three month long healing, transitional period…others would probably call this a serious drought and that’s cool too. But I had worn my “SiNgLeNeSs” badge with dignity and honor, I have to admit though, it was real nice to finally rock the “TaKeN” one.

And remember, when I told you MiStEr and I would pretty much text and talk to each other every single day, as often as we could, for the Continue reading Wrong Mister Part 8: The Long Distance Between Us

“We are the CHANGE that we seek.” #JusticeforTrayvonMartin

I was reluctant at first, obviously for the following reasons, but when I finally heard the 911 recording, as a mother of a young son myself, my heart raced AND ached simultaneously. My blood literally boiled … I was angry and appalled at the murderer; the obvious injustice; even the operator and her ridiculous line of questioning while Trayvon begged for his life in the background.

Perhaps, the presence of law enforcement on the scene a minute earlier could have changed the course of events or prevented such a senseless, premeditated, racially-motivated assassination of a young, promising life that did not deserve to die.

I really couldn’t wrap my mind around what my ears were hearing. I ended the recording immediately, because I had to really get myself together. And that’s when I realized I needed to pray for Justice for Trayvon Martin and his family.

We ALL can continue to do that. The family definitely needs the collective prayers of communities across this country. But we can also make a difference by visiting: www.change.org/petitionforTrayvonMartin to sign the petition to have the murderer persecuted. Please do!

Wrong Mister Part 7: Remember That Wall I Built?…



Hey ladies and gentlemen!!!!!! You have to excuse my exclamation points, because sometimes they get out of hand. But that’s the only way to really express how excited I am that you’re back or visiting for the first time. Real quick, there are six (6) parts to this series. Please check them out. They’ll get you caught up. And if the newbie’s happen to be wondering what SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS is all about hit “FiRsT StEpS” , it’ll explain everything.  

Again, picking up where we left off. So you already know that the first thing I did on the drive home, after my date with MiStEr, was tell someone. If I hadn’t, I would’ve ended up shouting it from some random rooftop…well maybe not, I mean it was late and I wasn’t that crazy, but I certainly felt this urge to get it out. I really wanted the world to know, but I settled for my bestie instead, and opted to make a phone call.

And let me just tell you, it was a lot of screaming and squealing, the word “girl” being thrown back and forth throughout the entire conversation, and a self-inflicted pinch here and there, to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. I had the bruise on my arm, to remind me later. I really couldn’t believe that I was the leading lady again, in my very own fairytale…which I happened to still believe in despite that thick divorce decree that the judge signed off on four years ago.

Ladies, carrying me over that puddle was…pure romantic genius. If there was any doubt left in my mind about MiStEr—trust me, this is too good to be true, served me notice, complete with neck roll and hand on her hip several times that night—that display of complete and utter gentleMANness cancelled it ALL out.

Now I’m sure some of my male counterparts are reading this and saying, “Oh, that’s all I had to do to get a woman to fall head over hills for me?” And my answer to that is…yes, yes and more yes! But here’s the deal fellas, if you read “WrOnG MiStEr” PaRt 6, you would know that that wasn’t the only thing he did, but it was certainly the most impressive.

SPECIAL REPORT: I am interrupting this regularly scheduled program to inform you that the wasband corrected me on a statement that I made in Wednesday’s post. He insists that he allegedly carried me over the threshold. I’m going to honor his word for the sake of his credibility and retract my statement.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that I am still suspicious of his claim considering I would never forget something that important.  

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way—I hope you’re happy wasband—let’s get back to the story. So, I got home that night and I was sort of in this blissful trance. I can hear my baby TJ telling me “mom you’re taking it too far right now,” but you have to know, after four years and three months to the date, this right here, had been a loooong time coming.

In the mirror, my eyes beamed with delight at the sight of the smile plastered on my face. My mind ran with thoughts of MiStEr. My heart beat in anticipation. And that night, my dreams replayed the images of our picture-perfect evening into the next morning.

We talked a few times that Saturday as he made rounds to see friends, his very last night in L.A. I would have liked to see him again, but there was a small part of me that preferred for us to leave things exactly how we did. I wasn’t sure if he could top Friday night’s first impression—he could duplicate it maybe–but probably not top it, and I definitely didn’t want anything to ruin it.

That Sunday morning, I awoke to the unusually pleasant sound of my ringing cell phone—unusual in that, I preferred my alarm—but this call was an exception. MiStEr wanted me to know that he had made it to the airport and was getting ready to board the plane. He let me know how much he enjoyed spending time with me and that he would call me when he got home. As promised, he did just and then some. Not only did he call when the plane landed, but he called after he got his bags, on his way home, and later that evening after he had dinner.

And it didn’t stop. Our days, over the course of a couple of weeks went a little something like this; we would text throughout the work day. He would call as soon as he got off of work, Monday – Friday; out of church on Sunday, in between errands; after dinner; AND he made it a point—per my request, and his compliance might I add–to make me the last person he spoke to before he went to bed at night. Aside from God, I was the last thing on his mind at night and the first thing on his mind every morning. Niiice right ladies?

As I got to know him more, I discovered that he was naturally funny. I was always laughing and he had found yet another way to my heart. He enlightened me with his cultural background and upbringing along with his extensive historical knowledge. I admired his intelligence and experience and insight. The more he shared, the more I wanted into his world.

Apparently he had plenty of game changers up his sleeve. One night, while at Chuck E. Cheese with my fam, he called and our conversation took a very interesting turn, after he teased me about the fathers being interested in me, which was really a way to check to see if I was paying attention to the attention being paid to me.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting what came next. He started asking me in depth questions about my thoughts on marriage, what I expected from a husband; who I would be willing to be as a wife; if I wanted more kids, how many; what would be my role as a mother; what was my position on education for myself and my children; what my short and long term goals were. Obviously, I had similar questions for him. That night, we had a deep convo And the longer we talked, the more I realized that MiStEr wanted into my world just as much as I wanted into his.

We continued to converse, and at the end of our discussion, he asks, “what is it that you want from me?”

“Well, we’ve become good friends. And I hope at some point, we can become more than that, and eventually something serious. Obviously, I’m at a point in my life that I don’t want to do a whole lot of dating, or waste any time in a relationship that doesn’t have the potential to go anywhere,” I continued, I had it all thought out as you can see, “but at the same time I’m in no rush, to get married or anything (my assurance policy for my non ThIrStInEsS),I’m really just following your lead.”

“Well, I don’t want any followas,” he replies.

“Alright, what is it that you want then MiStEr?”

“I want you!” he says quite convincingly.

So you know I was through right?!? Speechless to say the least and my girl Bey described exactly what was happening to me right then and there:

 ♪ ♫ Remember those walls I built? Well, baby they’re tumbling down. And they didn’t even put up a fight. They didn’t even make a sound. ♪ ♫

Now, I’m also convinced that one or two of those bricks may have been responsible for taking my biological clock out, because the pestering tick and annoying tock was finally…gone. And at this point, I felt as if there was nothing else he could do, or show me, or say, to prove exactly how much he cared about me. I was ready to take that next step with him, and that’s exactly what I did.

Were things moving too fast? Possibly, BUT, I figured that we were both real grown and knew exactly what we did and did not want in a relationship, and that is why it was easy for us to progress the way we had.

So you see, as a lot of you have already pointed out, this MiStEr was right from the very start. He had it going on. He was physically attractive, culturally diverse, spiritually attuned, academically advanced, financially stable, and romantically inclined. So why is he in the WrOng MiStEr series, you ask? Well, you’ll find out soon enough. We’re almost there ladies, trust me, we’re almost there.

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So I’ll see you Monday?! Until then…

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Wrong Mister Part 6: Date Night Was Upon Us



Hey S.m.F. fam! So glad you’re back! Those of you that are visiting for the first time, please make sure you check out WrOnG MiStEr series Parts 1-5 to bring you up to speed. The rest of you, follow me.

Where did we leave off? Oh yea, so he called me after 11am the next day, as promised–which was a major check. For the record, I appreciate any man (or person, for that matter) that keeps his word. He asked if I was still interested in going out with him and if Friday worked for me, because he had already made plans to visit friends on Saturday. My response to this question was “yes, of course.”

Apparently this man didn’t know a lot about females and how we worked, okay. I had dreamed about our perfect little date just 11 hours prior to his call. I knew what I was wearing, how my hair was going to look, what perfume I was wearing, everything. I have to say, I liked the gentleman in him though. He didn’t assume anything, which was another check. Alright, I see you MiStEr, all checked out, for now…I was just going to give it a little more time before I ran a background and credit check on him (I’m soooo serious).

He asked me what kind of foods I liked; what did I like to do; if I was into sports or indoor or outdoor activities; whether or not I had any place in particular that I wanted to go…and of course I didn’t. Those that know me know that I’m pretty…uhh…easy going and easy to please. So his questions for someone like me, through me for a loop. I hadn’t had a chance to really think about things that I was interested in doing on a date, besides dinner and a movie. I mean, ideally I would’ve loved a picnic of some sort, I like that kind of stuff, but it was far too romantic at this point, in my opinion.

“Can I think about it, and call you later this evening,” I asked.

“That’s fine,”he said, “so I’ll talk to you later. Looking forward to it.”

I went about my day, obviously thinking about something interesting to do ON MY FIRST DATE!!! And just like that it, it hit me. OMG!!! This was serious AND official. See “WrOnG MiStEr” Pt. 2 had nothing on this guy. And whatever it was I thought we had was short lived and obviously not as important to him as it was to me. So this thing right here, was exciting and overwhelming all at the same time…obviously, not a dream anymore.

I called him back that night and told him that I thought Universal StudiosCity walk would be a great option. We could walk and talk. There were several restaurants, coffee and dessert shops there.

“Well, I was thinking about this restaurant in Culver City,” he said. “Do you like Thai food?”

“Yea, that sounds really good,” I replied.” I hadn’t had Thai before, because I wasn’t that fond of spicy food, although I loved Asian cuisine. But the thought of trying something new and different with him was sort of exciting.

“Okay, so Thai it is,” he said, “The place isn’t all that fancy, so be sure to dress comfortably.”

By the time we discussed the details and ended the call, I had mixed emotions about his suggestion for our date. I didn’t quite know how to feel about him asking me what I wanted to do, me suggesting something (after I had toiled over it all day), and taking it upon himself to make other plans. However, at the same time, MiStEr taking total control of the situation, like a man, was kind of sexy.

Lawd!!! Friday night couldn’t get here fast enough. Surprisingly, I didn’t dream about us that night. I barely slept a wink…my mind refused to listen to my desperate plea for a much needed beauty sleep.

I couldn’t shake the nervous energy that day until I looked at the fly chick in the full body mirror. Oh you fancy huh! I exclaimed. I thought I was doing something in “WrOnG MiStEr” Pt. 4, but I wish you could have seen me that night. Stunning! You couldn’t tell me nothing.

I pulled up to the restaurant and he met me in the parking lot. He looked just as handsome as I had remembered, in his jacket, jeans and casual shoes. We embraced.

“You look very beautiful,”he said.

“Thank you,” I replied, as I walked through the door he held open for me.

This restaurant was very fancy. I wasn’t sure why he said otherwise. The décor was very upscale modern, the lights were dim, and the ambiance was definitely romantic.

He pulled out my chair, we sat and browsed the menus. He suggested some dishes and we ordered. I was so comfortable with him. I wasn’t afraid to eat or laugh or say what was on my mind, and he seemed that way as well. I appreciated that.

“You want to go for a walk?” he asked after the waiter walked away with the bill.

“Sure,” I said,“you didn’t have to do that.”

“Do what?”

“Pay for my dinner. I didn’t expect you to, but thank you.”

“I know, but I wanted to, and you’re welcome,” he said, “I was thinking we could head to Venice beach.”

“That sounds nice,” I replied. I was totally impressed.

Ladies, we strolled the beach that night, at times hand in hand, and other times with our arms wrapped around each other tight, his body shielding me from the breeze off the Pacific. We walked and talked and laughed for hours, caught up into one another, paying no attention to the crowds around us.

“Let’s sit and rest for a while,” he suggested.

He sat down at the concrete picnic table and I sat slightly between his legs as my back rested on his muscular chest. Our eyes admired the beautifully bright lights above our heads in an absolute perfect night sky. The colorful, vibrant lights from the Santa Monica Pier amusement park afar, caught our attention from time to time, as we continued conversations about our past relationships, where we were in life, plans for the future, marriage, religion, kids…I don’t think we left any stone unturned.

He held me and I welcomed a couple of the light sensual kisses he planted on the back of my neck. And the gentle one he left on my lips as we stood to leave.

“It’s getting late, I don’t want to keep you out all night,” he said.

We headed back down the path towards the car. Half way there, we came upon a puddle.

“Are you ready?”He asked.

“Yea, let’s do it,” I thought as I readied myself to jump across the puddle with him. How fun! I thought.

But to my ultimate surprise, he picked me up and carried me over it. I was outdone at that point. I had never had a man do that before, ever. I don’t even think my wasband (I like this word much better. Thank you Ms. Toni Braxton) carried me over the threshold.

At that point, as far as I could tell MiStEr was it. By the time we made it back into the car, to the parking lot of the Thai restaurant, and our lips fused passionately for one last kiss goodbye, I was convinced, if he was wrong, I didn’t want to be right.

Now some of you that are reading will probably tell me that it was much too early to say something like that. But you have to remember, I had a table full of ladies from WrOnG MiStEr Pt. 3 that would approve of this message AND MiStEr wined and dined me (sans the wine), and literally swept me off my feet.

I drove home that night…smitten. At one point, it did dawn on me that he would be leaving in two days. I was still high off of our evening, but a little disappointed because I didn’t want the romance to end. I wondered what was next for us. I’m sure you are too, so please come back Friday, same place, same time.

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Until then…

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Wrong Mister Part 5: The Phone Call


Hey ladies AND gentlemen!!! Sooo here we are again, and I want you to know I appreciate you stopping by. I’m always optimistic that there are a new set of eyes visiting. And as you may know from the title, this is PaRt 5, which means there is a PaRt 1, PaRt 2, PaRt 3, and PaRt 4 to the WrOnG MiStEr series, that you may want to get caught up on, before you go any further. Better yet, just click HoMe and get caught up on what SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS is all about. You can check out how it all got started in FiRsT StEpS.

Picking up where we left off…my bestie waited for my response to his request for my number, but all the pondering I did, for as long as I could, was really to make MiStEr himself wait. I mean, it was only fair considering he didn’t ask for my number at the restaurant, which made me think he wasn’t interested, and ultimately made my heart sink.

I am not kidding you, by the time she sent the reply; it felt like only a millisecond had gone, when my phone rang. “It’s him, isn’t it?!” she squealed, rubbing her match-making hands together in pure delight. I looked at my blackberry display, smiled from ear to ear, and pushed the ignore button. “I can’t talk to him right now, I’m driving,” I said nonchalantly, as my heart raced nervously <~this is probably where my son gets his acting from *takes A bow* now back to the story.

At that moment, in my mind, I was thinking about the two sets of ears in the back of my truck that would have made it their mission impossible to listen in on my conversation. And, I’m not going to lie to you ladies, I was a little nervous to talk to him on the phone. I know…I know…why would I be, when we had such a great conversation with one another the whole day?

I don’t know, maybe that was just it. We talked about everything, what else was left to be said? I was sort of afraid of that. Or maybe, I hadn’t made it this far in the story yet. I was one of those people that had to have things figured out (if not all the way, pretty much so), be two steps ahead, and know exactly where I was going. And as far as I was concerned, we were never going to lay eyes on one another, because he and spokeswoman made me wait for four months. I thought the dream was over.

“Okay girl, well you have to make sure you call him when you get home. And if it’s not too late, call me and let me know how it went.”

“I will,” I replied.

“Ohhhh I’m sooo excited for you girl. You deserve this! You deserve to be happy!” she exclaimed.

I do deserve this, I thought to myself, as we made our way up the congested freeway. I couldn’t help but notice that the stars in the moonlit sky were just as bright as my future had the possibility of being with MiStEr. By the time we made it to my place, I had built up enough nerve to call him back.

“Alright girl, get in that house and call him. Love ya!” She said.

“I’m going to. Love ya back!” I replied as we hugged and said our good-byes.

Resting heavily on my shoulder was my little man b.k.a. TJ a.k.a. my daddy/husband/protector who had passed out on the long ride home. I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t have to worry about him vying for my attention or being nosy.

Ladies, listen, I couldn’t get the key in the door, into the house, out of my make-up and clothes, in and out of the shower, into my pajamas, then bed, and on that phone, fast enough. And, I don’t think I ever saw my new voicemail indicator light up the way it did. Call me crazy, but I think it was just as excited about his call as I was. I dialed 1 and listened:

“Hey Katrina! It’s me. Sorry I didn’t ask for your numba at the restaurant. I didn’t want to put you on the spot in front of all of our family and friends. I had a great time with you today and I would very much like to speak to you on the phone. This is my numba. Please call me as soon as you can. I hope you all made it home safely. Goodbye.”

Ahhhhhh!!! I screamed without making one sound. Not sure how I managed that, but I did. And that accent of his drove me insane! I loved the way he said numba…Ahhhhhh!!!

“Okay…alright…breathe girl…breathe,” I told my giddy self as I pushed the call button.

Now wait, I got so caught up in the story that I forgot to mention that MiStEr was from…well…maybe that’s not important, especially for his sake. And I’m sure you figured out by now, with the accent and all that he wasn’t born in the U.S. So anyway, our conversation that night went a little something like this:


“Hello Ms. Katrina. Thanks so much for returning my call,” he said in just the right turn on, I mean tone. Yes, tone, that’s what I meant ladies.

“You’re welcome. Uh, were you asleep?”

“No, I’m in bed though. Are you just getting home?”

“I’ve been here for a little while. I had to get ready for bed.”

“Oh okay. Well I really enjoyed spending time with you today, at the house and at dinner. I wish we had more time together.”

“Yea, I had a great time too. When are you leaving LA?”

“Sunday. But I was hoping that I could see you again before I leave, if that is alright with you?”

“Yea, that’s fine.”

“Well, what is your schedule like, this week?”

“Oh wow, I’m pretty tied up. But I could probably juggle some things around and open up either Friday or Saturday evening,” I explained. Note: I wasn’t all that busy, but I didn’t want him to think I was ThIrStY.

“Okay well, is it alright if I call you tomorrow so we can discuss it more then? What is a good time for you?”

“Sure. I would like that. TJ has a class around 11. You can call me anytime after that.”

“Perfect. I’m looking forward to the call. Well I don’t want to hold you. You have a good night.”

“You too.”

Ahhhhhh!!! I screamed AGAIN after I hit the end call button. I couldn’t contain the excitement stirring, as you can probably tell from all the screaming that took place internally. And luckily for me, it drowned out the sound of my biological clock d.k.a. the ticking time bomb. Oh and by the way, that “d” stands for dreadfully.

But this felt…well…let me just say I had never met a man like this before…so physically attractive (body like a chiseled sculpture), check; culturally diverse (intriguing foreigner with a sexy accent), check; spiritually attuned (a must, and trust me, I was listening out for that), check; academically advanced (not one, not two, but three degrees), check; AND financially stable (let’s just say, in his career field, I’m sure he was making six figures, I did the research). Not that that was the most important thing to me in all of my SiNgLeNeSs, but it was definitely nice to know and a huge plus, check mate!

I couldn’t wait to talk to him again. He couldn’t wait to see me again. And I can’t wait to tell you how it all unfolded. This is the bomb.com *in my Tamar Braxton voice*. I love taking you on this journey with me, so please come back around this time on Wednesday. Until then…

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