Life Goals: In Hot Pursuit


Hey Mommies!

2015 has been very good to me and my family! But, I’m looking forward to what the new year has in store! I’m certainly expecting more opportunities to present themselves for me and my son. And with 2016 just around the corner, it was time that I started re-evaluating my little ole life plan.

I must say that raising my son post-divorce, as a SiNgLe MoMmY, while supporting his dreams (of being a young performer in the entertainment business for the past eight years), has definitely demanded that I make several

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Thrifty Fashionista Looks: Military-Style Dress, Red Booties, Head Wrap & Ethnic Jewelry

Photo Cred: @terrellransomjr

“To Thrift, Or Not To Thrift–That Is The Question” ~Katrina B.

Hey Mommies!

I’ve been rummaging through my closet, drawers, and shoe boxes in hopes of getting rid of some things and making room for more of my thrifting/sale/BOGO/percentage-off finds. I was so thrilled to re-discover this olive military style dress with gold buttons, that I forgot I owned. Would you believe I thrifted it several years ago and have never rocked it? How perfect it was for fall, so I quickly pulled it to the front of my closet.

This day I woke up feeling like I could take on the World…very

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Thrifty Fashionista Look: Distressed Denim Shirt & Jeans, Faux Fur Vest & Olive Booties

Photo Cred: @terrellransomjr

“When Your Thrift Game is Lit.” ~Katrina B. 

#ThriftyFashionist #Fall #Vibes… #SiNgLeMoMmYFiLeS

Hey Mommies!

I put together this look on a beautiful fall day and ran just a few errands in these ridiculously stylish HIGH heels lol!

Outfit Deets: Denim shirt, faux fur vest, distressed jeans, vintage mint-condition Dooney & Bourke leather bag (unbelievable find), and Steve Madden booties were all thrifted. I bought the black fedora from Forever 21 for $23.

📸: @terrellransomjr

Hope you’re feeling inspired to thrift your heart out!

Until next time Mommies,


Family Tripping’ With The Ex-Hubby


Hey, Mommies!!

So I’m sitting here with a Shea moisture deep treatment masque, that I added honey, olive oil and coconut oil too, a plastic cap and heating wrap on my head, while attempting to literally zen myself back to the inner peace and tranquility I experienced on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas.


This vacay was probably one of those rare times in my life, that I allowed myself to totally be free…to totally let go (of my plans and expectations)…to totally enjoy every moment (regardless of the outcome) and…


…To totally get my tail in the water. Well, ok, I didn’t totally do that. The

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Hair Chronicles Pt. 2 – To Be Continued…


Hey Mommies!!

August 2015 marked my 2-½ year post-perm anniversary and the beginning of my natural hair journey. I took this picture after cutting off about 1-2 inches of my chemically damaged hair. It was super dry and lifeless, because I hadn’t yet figured out my hair care routine (we’ll talk about that soon).

I hate that I didn’t get a picture before the cut, but I had no idea how long I would be #teamnatural or that I would eventually end up sharing my journey with you all. I started documenting things now, and 90 days later, my natural hair has come through! With a little trial and error, product hoarding, DIY’ing it, narrowing down what works best and what my hair loves, my 3B/3C/4A curls

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Hair Chronicles Pt. 1

Hey Mommies!

I’ve been working on this blog for some time now. I felt like it was necessary to give you the backstory to what led up to my natural hair journey, hence the HaIr ChRoNiCLeS SeRiEs. This series will allow you a front row seat to my journey for those of you that may be curious and/or skeptical about all the hype around the natural hair movement, that’s sweeping the nation. It’ll definitely inspire and help those of you that are already on board, ready to get started, but just need to know when, where, why, and how to begin your own natural hair care journey.

Of course, I didn’t get to this point overnight, so I have a lot to say about why I’m here, most of which I’m sure you can relate. I also want to give you all the pertinent and helpful information that I’ve researched day-in-and-day-out about natural hair care. So don’t be alarmed if I leave you on a cliff-hanger, I had to break it up in parts, to keep you interested and of course, coming back for more lol! So let’s get started, shall we?


All my son’s life, I’ve wondered where he got his curl pattern from. Why?

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Thrifty Fashionista Looks: Black Dress, Long Cardigan, Combat Boots & Hat

Photo Cred: @terrellransomjr

Hey Mommies!

California’s fall season temps can range anywhere from the low to high 60s and 70s by day and the low to mid 50s by nightfall. This kind of weather requires layers of clothing that you can add or pull-off depending on the time of day. So draped cardigans are staples in my fall wardrobe. I love the open waterfall look of the cardigan, that can be paired with just about anything, from jeans and a tee, slacks and a dress shirt, to this black knee-length bodycon dress.

And I prefer the look of combat boots, over the popular multi-seasonal Ugg (it’s totally a Cali thing), because they are ridiculously cute, with a bit of edge, that I absolutely love! Oh! And comfy, because I opt for a ½ size bigger and wear mine with fuzzy socks.

Since embarking on my natural hair journey, I’ve decided that twists, which

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Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

Photo Cred: @terrellransomjr

Hey Mommies,

It’s ya girl Katrina, and I’m back! I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. And for those of you who supported SiNgLe MoMmY Files from day one, Thank You! For those of you that may be visiting for the first time, Welcome! I’m your host, the creator and editor of SmF. Just so you know, I took a break as there were a lot of things going on in my personal life. I was working on the 2nd draft of a book (that is still a work in progress), taking college courses to help with that, all while juggling MoMmYhOoD and MoMaGeR duties. My son, his schooling and demanding acting career all needed my full undivided attention. So it was necessary for me to put my life somewhat on hold and my hobbies on the back burner, to focus on him. Besides, that’s what SiNgLe MoMmIeS do, right?

To bring you up to speed real quick, I’ve traveled, I’ve entertained a couple of male frauds *rolls eyes* we’ll certainly talk about that later. I’ve embraced my natural hair and embarked on a natural hair journey, I’ve tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet; I’ve gained a couple of pounds or five (lol), but most importantly, I’ve lived, loved, lost, learned and have grown spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, since the last time we’ve talked. I’m sure you’d be happy to know that all is well…everything has worked out for my good! And I’m so excited about sharing the deets with my SmF fam!! I’ve certainly missed you all!

Because I’ve had time to think, I’ve decided to revamp SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS. Just in case you haven’t seen the new motto, it’s now A LifeStyle Blog for SiNgLe MoMmIeS and Married MoMmIes that feel SiNgLe sometimes. Oh and about that last part, my thoughts are this; whether we are #teammarried or #teamdivorced, #teamtaken or #teamSiNgLe, motherhood can be very overwhelming and demanding (a lot of the responsibility usually falls on us as women), so we’re all in the same boat. Plus, I would know–I’ve been #teamalloftheabove (by choice, of course).

The plan is to jump right back into our regularly scheduled program. I’ve also set up a SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS YouTube Channel to post beauty, hair, food, and shopping tutorials (Coming Soon). I’ll be sharing expert advice from other well-known bloggers/vloggers, and inviting content contributors to share their stories/advice. I’m so excited and I’m certainly looking forward to it all!

In the meantime, grab a cup of your favorite drink or glass of wine (depending on the time of day), get comfortable, stay for a while, and feel free to laugh, maybe even cry, relate in some way or another, and hopefully get inspired as you browse your way through SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS.

Until next time Mommies,


P.S. This shoot was totally impromptu. My son @terrellransomjr has taken an interest in photography. He has an artistic eye, and saw art in things that looked normal to me. So. I finally got him a Canon and he wanted to use me as his muse. I obliged. And to my surprise, the view, through his lens, was the inspiration behind the rebirth of SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS. And thankfully, here we are!


StarStruck Pt. 1 – To Be Continued…


I’ve lost count of how many Facebook messages and timeline posts I’ve received, not to mention the strangers that I’ve run into, that have wanted me to help them get their child in the entertainment business. And I understand why. But honestly, at times, I have found it to be a little, let’s see, daunting (for a lack of a better word), when I find myself in a position where I really can’t help you.

My son has been successful in the business for a number of reasons. Continue reading StarStruck Pt. 1 – To Be Continued…

Fashion Friday Intro

It’s the weekend…TGIF!! You probably have plans to paint the town red, so I thought it would be the perfect time to give you what you need…a lil’ bit of expert fashion advice. Terrell Ransom Sr. a.k.a. @allstyle7 (to all you social networkers), fashion stylist to the stars (& moi) and co-owner of the Neon Styling Group, stopped by SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS this week to lend us some of his pearls along with this hot 80s video. Oh, I love those red lips. Enjoy ladies!

From The Desk of Terrell Ransom Sr:

Simply irresistible…

Whether you believe it or not, image is very important on how people view you and more importantly how you view yourself. People who love themselves and are confident in how they look and feel, are usually those that are surrounded by people who love to be around them. There are exceptions to that rule lol.

As a fashion and image consultant I am a firm believer that beauty begins within and will ultimately exude through your outer appearance.

My advice to women is to take time to appreciate you. Take a spa day, get your nails done, or buy a new dress, even if you have no place to go. I live by the motto: Always be prepared! A date could be just around the corner. When you have an outfit already sitting in the closet you will alleviate half the stress of preparing for a date, event, ect. Learn your sizes. Note what makes you feel sexy. I guarantee if you feel sexy, you’ll look sexy and be SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!!

Stay tuned as I continue to share advice and style tips on being “gone with the wind fabulous!!”

Until next time stay fierce and stay fly.


SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS Official Stylist Expert

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