She Reads: Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill


Hey Mommies!

This book changed the course of my life and is one of the reasons why I am where I am today.  I was introduced to the “Law of Success” philosopy; the catalyst that opened my eyes to the possibility of obtaining wealth by pursuing my dreams. And at the same time God placed a desire in my then 3 year old, to want to be “on television, in movies, and magazines.” By the Fall of 2007, I packed our bags, moved from Houston to California, and never looked back.

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Gluten Free Beef Stew Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of



Hey Mommies!

It’s winter and this is definitely the season for comfort food like this homemade gluten-free, organic beef stew I made in my crock pot. If you’re looking for an easy dinner to whip up, that may last you a couple of days, then this one is for you. It just calls for a little prep of the meat and veggies. Then you throw the ingredients in the crock pot and let it simmer boo. You’ll have 4-5 hours to tend to the kiddies or get things done around the house, so make sure you give yourself enough time so it’s ready  for dinner.

 Here’s my recipe. Hope you enjoy this meal as much as I have these

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4 Ways Mommies Can Get Sleep That Don’t Involve Sheep

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Hey Mommies!

I woke up about an hour late this morning, because I barely slept last night. My body was tired, but I could not get my mind to rest. There’s a lot going on up there and I had something dropped in my lap at the very last minute yesterday, that had me all worked up and stressed out. All of which was out of my control, but knowing that helped nothing.

As I laid in bed, all of my thoughts ran so recklessly in my head. I tried

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Parenting LifeHack: A Great Way To Sneak Veggies In Your Kid’s Diet, No Matter How Old They Are


Hey Mommies!

Sooo I whipped up this deceptively delicious strawberry-blueberry smoothie for my son, that was packed with spinach, kale, carrots, ground chia and flax seeds. And he LOVED it!! That’s when I was totally, completely and utterly HOOKED! I was sooo happy that I no longer had to bribe him to eat veggies (outside of his few favorites) or lecture him at dinner time about the importance of vegaetable to his health, as he sat and stared at his plate of meat and foreign objects. Now I could just throw it all in my Nutribullet with yogurt or milk or 100% juice and Voila!

Now how did I get here?

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I Put This Body Wash To The No-Lotion Test (Honest Review)


Hey Mommies!

My bath this morning was everything, thanks to this Spa Day™ Cucumber and White Tea with Cucumber Extract Body Wash. It was included in a beautiful bath and body gift set that my son received from VitaBath. He’s been on this “I’m only using products that has ‘men’ written on the label” kick, as of late, so naturally, he decided to give the goodies to me, as a gift—just one of the many perks of being a mommy of a child actor. Yes, yes, that was really sweet of him, but I was going to end up taking it anyway.

I couldn’t wait to try out all of the products. Who loves a good body wash, shower gel and sugar scrub? I do, that’s who!! The box and packaging was so adorbs! They were thoughtful enough to include

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Here’s 30+ Reasons Why You Can Shop Your Heart Out


Hey Mommies!

This mommy needs a new pair of shoes! And one of the biggest perks of the New Year, are the sales, sales and more sales! Who doesn’t love that word!? I know I do! I’m a certified thrifty: a person that uses their money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. I hardly ever pay full price for anything, I’m always looking for sale, discounts, or freebies.

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New Year State Of Mind

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“…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Hey Mommies!

It’s the last day of 2015 and I woke up this morning hungry! Not for the last piece of sweet potato pie I hid in the back of the fridge, no, I woke up with this strong desire to finally come from the shadows of fear;  to pursue my dreams whole-heartedly; to live my life the way in which it was destined; to walk in my abolute purpose.  

 I’m not surprised that I have arrived at this place. Yes, 2016 is upon

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Sweet Potato Pie & A Dream Realized


Hey Mommies!

I started my morning-after-Christmas off with a little tradition of mine; I had a slice of my homemade sweet potato pie for breakfast. I wouldn’t normally have dessert for breakfast. For one, I’m totally obsessed. For two, at times, I have no control over my intake–when it comes to cookies, cakes, pies, or chocolate. For some people, the salty snacks do it for them. For me, sweets are my weakness!

I figured, it’s the holiday, and I’ve been good at exercising and eating right throughout the year. Plus, I’ve downed more green juice concoctions than I can count. So one slice of pie (or maybe several slices over the next few days) can’t hurt, right?

But what I really wanted to share was how I literally went to sleep

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Breakfast & The Alchemist


Hey Mommies!

We all start our mornings off differently. Some of us hit the snooze button way too may times (guilty), there are those of us that make meditation and prayer a priority (I know I do), others peruse social media or read, some hit the gym (I envy you), but most of us are wrangling the kids, packing their lunches, or making them breakfast (my son wakes up hungry). And If you’re lucky enough, you’ve already established a daily routine that has helped you keep your morning-to-dos in perspective.

I’ve learned that the way in which I start my morning, pretty much

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7 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Kids


Hey Mommies!

Our Christmas tree went up right after Thanksgiving. Sadly, there aren’t any presents under there yet. Mainly because I have a son that changes the items on his wish list every couple of days, after he scours through the items’ review section.

I basically have butterflies in my stomach, knowing that Christmas is

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