Parenting LifeHack: A Great Way To Sneak Veggies In Your Kid’s Diet, No Matter How Old They Are


Hey Mommies!

Sooo I whipped up this deceptively delicious strawberry-blueberry smoothie for my son, that was packed with spinach, kale, carrots, ground chia and flax seeds. And he LOVED it!! That’s when I was totally, completely and utterly HOOKED! I was sooo happy that I no longer had to bribe him to eat veggies (outside of his few favorites) or lecture him at dinner time about the importance of vegaetable to his health, as he sat and stared at his plate of meat and foreign objects. Now I could just throw it all in my Nutribullet with yogurt or milk or 100% juice and Voila!

Now how did I get here?

Well about 2-1/2 years ago, I started becoming more health-conscious and wanted to make sure that my family was eating right and most importantly, that my son was getting enough plant-nutrition in his diet–he is such a picky eater. I had already been contemplating whether or not to purchase a juicer.  The problem was, most of them (or at least the “good” ones) retailed in the $200-$400 price range. I was also considering my grocery bill–I would be purchasing more organic fruits & veggies. I had also witnessed the juicing process at a friends house. It was far too time consuming.  So this mommy, who is usually on a tight schedule and always on a budget, was totally discouraged.

In conversation with one of my sister-friends, I learned about the Nutribullet and all of its health benefits, as she had been using it for several months. At the time, this nutrient extractor was less than $100, and they were offering a payment plan option on their website. It was perfect for me! It gave me a chance to test their product and if I didn’t personally like it, I could return it without having paid full price for it.


Within a week, I had my very first healthy smoothie-making machine, with accessories, a pocket nutritionist book, user guide and recipes. I learned that NutriBullet would break down the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds and their fiber, releasing the vitamins and minerals into this smoothie that was easy to digest and absorb.


The recipe booklet was loaded with recipes to help with everything from boosting your energy in the morning, detoxing, to losing weight and everything in between. The pocket nutritionist, that I carried in my purse, listed the benefits of each fruit, vegetable, but and seed and helped me shop for the best ingredients.


As for me, I fell in love with a detox nutriblast recipe that I changed up a bit to my liking. It has been my absolute favorite go-to smoothie.  It’s so fresh and so green. I like to detox regularly. Whenever I have one of these in the morning or afternoon, it curbs my appetite and I’m a lot more conscious of what I put in my mouth afterwards, which has been key to helping me watch what I eat and maintain a healthy weight. In fact, it helped me loose several pounds.


However, when I’m slacking off (because I do, alot, and its usually during the holidays) or not drinking them as often as I should, I notice a difference in how I feel and look. So now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are long gone, your girl has been detoxing like crazy!

Oh and just so you know, here are a few other reasons why I love this machine:

1. It’s very quick and easy to use. The directions are simple to follow. Add you favorite ingredients (don’t pack the cup), fill it with water or your preferred drink, don’t pass the “full” line and blend.

2. It’s not messy and its super easy to clean. You just rinse the cup with a little water and place it in your dishwasher. Or clean with soap and water.

3. Its portable. You can take it with you on vacation or on business trips.

4. It doesn’t take up a bunch of counter space which was important, because I was using almost every other day, if not every day.

You know of any other ways to sneak veggies in your kid’s diet? I’d love to hear so leave me comment.

Hope you’re feeling inspired in the New Year!

Until next time mommies,

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