Sweet Potato Pie & A Dream Realized


Hey Mommies!

I started my morning-after-Christmas off with a little tradition of mine; I had a slice of my homemade sweet potato pie for breakfast. I wouldn’t normally have dessert for breakfast. For one, I’m totally obsessed. For two, at times, I have no control over my intake–when it comes to cookies, cakes, pies, or chocolate. For some people, the salty snacks do it for them. For me, sweets are my weakness!

I figured, it’s the holiday, and I’ve been good at exercising and eating right throughout the year. Plus, I’ve downed more green juice concoctions than I can count. So one slice of pie (or maybe several slices over the next few days) can’t hurt, right?

But what I really wanted to share was how I literally went to sleep

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