7 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Kids


Hey Mommies!

Our Christmas tree went up right after Thanksgiving. Sadly, there aren’t any presents under there yet. Mainly because I have a son that changes the items on his wish list every couple of days, after he scours through the items’ review section.

I basically have butterflies in my stomach, knowing that Christmas is

a week away, and I have yet to purchase gifts. I have some major last-minute Christmas shopping to do—hopefully I can get what I need, online (my preferred shopping method during this time of year), and delivered before Christmas, without paying absurd shipping cost. Most online retailers are offering free shipping, so that would definitely help this SiNgLe MoMmY out.

I demanded that the kid have the final draft of the gifts that made the cut

emailed to me asap. I had no time for deciphering his handwriting. I was pleasantly surprised by the list! The things that @terrellransomjr is hoping end up under his tree, are all MoMmY approved. So, if you’re shopping last minute like I am (shame on you LOL) or just looking for another gift idea or two, your kids may like some of the things below and here’s why:

1. LEGO® Creator Blue Power Jet $69.99. BUY HERE


My Thoughts: Lego sets are my absolute favorite gift to give. I love that kids, tweens and teens, spend time; hours sometimes days, building these cool sets and the pride they all seem to exude once it’s successfully completed. Most importantly, the power of creative imagination is at work.

Product Details: The LEGO® set creates a detailed jet that has movable wings and flaps, folding undercarriage, accessible engine and rebuilds into a helicopter or hovercraft. The awesome model comes with a dark-blue, white and red color scheme and an array of exciting features. Realistic details such as twin vertical stabilizers, large tinted cockpit, semicircular air intakes, navigation lights and a huge exhaust make this model a joy to build and play with.

2. TravelBoy Backpack $39.99 now $14.99. BUY HERE


My Thoughts: I was sold on this backpack when I laid eyes on it. It’s so retro… It’s so nostalgic… It totally took me back to the late 80s, and reminded me of my tom-boyish ways. I was a lover of all things Nintendo (uhm, still) and a serious gamer. You don’t see backpacks like this often, so it will definitely be a cool conversation piece. And it’s on SALE!

Product Details:
~Perfect backpack for fans of retro gaming
~Inspired by our favorite retro mobile gaming system
`Screen shows a driving game
~D-pad and buttons are raised appliqué
~Top handle makes it easy to grab and go
~Both front and back are padded, because we know you like your stuff
~Breathable mesh back

3. The Gameband Minecraft $79.99 now $49.99. BUY HERE


Product Details: Why is Gameband so cool for kids?
~Gameband allows kids to take their Worlds anywhere they go and play with any computer. They always have Minecraft on their wrist without the need to install the game on the computer they are playing on. Whether they are traveling, visiting Grandma or at their friend’s house, they always have access to their favorite game.
~Gameband features an LED display that can act as a watch, a calendar and which can be self customizable to display messages, images and animations through the PixelFurnace App.

Product Details: Why is Gameband so cool for parents?
~Your kids can plug Gameband and play Minecraft with no need to download anything onto the family or your business computer.
~Everything that your kids create in Minecraft will be backed up on our secure servers, so, no more drama if they go through a computer crash.
~And, in case life happens (loss or theft) we can provide rapid loss-replacement service at a discounted price
~It’s tough: each Gameband is durable, splash-proof and shockproof.

My Thoughts: If your kid is a Minecraft addict like mine, need I say more? Well, I will note that after doing a bit of review scouring (yes, he gets it from me), I did discover that you need to purchase the Licensed Minecraft game for the PC, if your kid doesn’t already own it. I’m totally okay with that since it’s on SALE and I’m saving $30. The Gameband offers two sizes: small and large. Also after the first year, which is free, there is a $4.99 annual fee for the secure server back-up feature. I figured for less than .50 a month, my son can use up their server space and not mine.

4. Forza Motorsport 6 (Xbox One) $59.99 now $39.88. BUY HERE


My Thoughts: According to my son, this was one of the most anticipated racing games of the year. I love his fascination with cars and customization—another outlet for creative imagination, so I had to oblige. Personally, I’d much rather he race cars than shoot guns (no judgement, just preference), so I’m all for these kind of video games. It’s rated E for Everyone and on S-A-L-E for me.

Product Details: Unrelenting action at simulation speed in the most beautiful and comprehensive racing game of this generation. Collect, customize, and race over 450 Forzavista cars, all with working cockpits and full damage. Compete in epic 24-player races across 26 world-famous locales. Master wet weather and night racing on your road to victory.

5. Nerd Block Toy Subscription Boxes $19.99 a month. SUBSCRIBE HERE


My Thoughts:  Subscription boxes, are typically filled with “thee coolest” tees, toys, and collectibles—according to my son—and are really popular amongst his friends. And I can see why, after perusing the Nerd Block website and scouring the online reviews, of course. Unlike other toy subscription services, Nerd Block has options and lets you choose which theme (Classic, Arcade, Sci-Fi, Horror, or Comic) you want to initially subscribe to. You can also switch between the Classic, Arcade, and Horror themes, if your kid is curious about a different block. Each month, the block comes with an exclusive t-shirt and they offer youth sizes and adult, if needed. You can choose a $19.99 monthly subscription (auto-renewed) or a 3-6-12 month subscription (total due up front, auto-renewed) and save on the price of the block. They offer Boy and Girl Jr blocks (for 6-11 year olds) for $13.99 a month. You pay for shipping and handling. You can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime.

Product Details:
~Choose your Nerd destiny and subscribe! Nerd Block is all about choice! As a subscriber, you get to select what theme best suits your personality and interests.
~We curate great toys for you: Every month our expert nerds dungeon crawl through hundreds of items to select outstanding gear, toys and collectables to ensure you’ll get the maximum enjoyment out of every Block!
~You receive monthly surprise blocks: Each month you’ll receive an email letting you know your subscription is on its way!

6. Tilly’s Gift Cards $50-$100. BUY HERE


About Tilly’s: Tilly’s is a leading specialty retailer in the action sports industry selling clothing, shoes, and accessories.Tilly’s offers one of the largest assortments of brands and merchandise from the top players in the surf, skate, motocross and lifestyle apparel…

7. Foot Locker Gift Cards $50-$100. BUY HERE


About Foot Locker: Foot Locker is a leading global athletic footwear and apparel retailer. Foot Locker offers products for a wide variety of activities including basketball, running, and training.

My Thoughts: I’m glad he added these gift cards to his list. I have a pre-teen, that has his own sense of style; knows exactly what he wants to wear and what kicks he want to rock. So rather than fill the tree with boxes of apparel and shoes that he may love or plot to hang all the way in the back of his closet (out of sight, out of mind), depending on how his hormones are set up that day, I’d rather give him gift cards so he can shop for what he likes. Plus, he’ll never admit it, but he thinks he’s cool when he can go into a store and pull out his own form of payment.

All right MoMmIes, if you thinking about buying any of these items, you may want do it soon. I’m not sure how long these sales will last or how long the items will be in stock. Oh and great news, it’s National Free Shipping day, so you may want to get to shopping!

Hope you’re feeling inspired today!

Until next time Mommies,

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