Hair Chronicles Pt. 1

Hey Mommies!

I’ve been working on this blog for some time now. I felt like it was necessary to give you the backstory to what led up to my natural hair journey, hence the HaIr ChRoNiCLeS SeRiEs. This series will allow you a front row seat to my journey for those of you that may be curious and/or skeptical about all the hype around the natural hair movement, that’s sweeping the nation. It’ll definitely inspire and help those of you that are already on board, ready to get started, but just need to know when, where, why, and how to begin your own natural hair care journey.

Of course, I didn’t get to this point overnight, so I have a lot to say about why I’m here, most of which I’m sure you can relate. I also want to give you all the pertinent and helpful information that I’ve researched day-in-and-day-out about natural hair care. So don’t be alarmed if I leave you on a cliff-hanger, I had to break it up in parts, to keep you interested and of course, coming back for more lol! So let’s get started, shall we?


All my son’s life, I’ve wondered where he got his curl pattern from. Why?

 Because although his father and I both have family members with curly hair patterns, his naturally springy-coily curls didn’t resemble anyone else’s. And quite frankly, I had ruled myself out, because believe it or not, I never knew what my true natural hair looked like, let alone my curl pattern.

As far back as I can remember, I endured the dreaded bi-weekly hot-comb pressing sessions in front of my grandma Agnes’ gas stove, until I couldn’t take the heat in the kitchen anymore (no pun intended). So the summer before my

 7th grade year in Junior High, my mom took me to my first black hair salon.

Let me tell you ladies, I walked in, got my hair cut, relaxed and styled (for the first time), and Voila! I walked out that day, head held high and hair laid—literally and figuratively. It was bone strait and frizz-free. Not only that, it was guaranteed to stay that way, anywhere from 6-8 weeks.


I remember it like it was yesterday too. My asymmetrical bob slayed the entire hair game at my school that year. I wish i could take you back to see for yourself. I was caaa-ute! Back then, you couldn’t tell me nothing! I thought I was all that and a bag of chips, honey.

And that my friend is when my journey with the hair relaxer, aka perm began. I was all in too! At that point, I had refused to subject my scalp, tip of my ear, back of my neck, forehead, or any other area that that darn hot comb would accidentally graze and burn. But little did my mom and I know, that at that time, we were getting ready to subject my hair and scalp to a plight far more worse than that of the thermal comb.

Okay Ladies, I’ll be posting part two soon! If you’re really serious about embarking on a natural hair journey, be sure to check back, because you”ll want to read it and stay on track. To Be Continued…

Hope you’re feeling inspired today!

Until next time beautiful Mommies,

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