Thrifty Fashionista Looks: Black Dress, Long Cardigan, Combat Boots & Hat

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Hey Mommies!

California’s fall season temps can range anywhere from the low to high 60s and 70s by day and the low to mid 50s by nightfall. This kind of weather requires layers of clothing that you can add or pull-off depending on the time of day. So draped cardigans are staples in my fall wardrobe. I love the open waterfall look of the cardigan, that can be paired with just about anything, from jeans and a tee, slacks and a dress shirt, to this black knee-length bodycon dress.

And I prefer the look of combat boots, over the popular multi-seasonal Ugg (it’s totally a Cali thing), because they are ridiculously cute, with a bit of edge, that I absolutely love! Oh! And comfy, because I opt for a ½ size bigger and wear mine with fuzzy socks.

Since embarking on my natural hair journey, I’ve decided that twists, which

support my minimal manipulation, healthy hair and length retention goal, is my go-to protective style, so using beautiful detailed scarves, beanies, fedoras, wide brims, and floppy hats, in all shapes and colors, to cover my crown, has been my absolute obsession. I’ll rock any of the above with my twists or bangs out, more often than not, while showing off my natural tresses every once and awhile.

My big round vintage shades and my favorite matte red lipstick added a little mystery and a touch of sexiness to my edgy-chic look. Of course you can opt for any style shades and your favorite lipstick to add the finishing touches to the look you want to pull off.

Now, would you believe that I threw this look together for a grocery store run? Yep! Who says you can’t be a fashionable MoMmY while running errands? I vowed a long time ago to never leave home without looking anything less than fab, thanks to an encounter my best friend and I had, when we ran into practically the entire high school football team, on a late night run to Meijer’s (it’s totally a Michigan thing). We were wearing whatever we could find and our hair was all over our heads. Can you imagine the level of embarrassment that ensued? Lol!

Hope you’re enjoying the blog so far! Stay tuned I have some great things to share with you!

Hope you’re feeling inspired today!

Until next time Mommies,

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