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So apparently Beyonce is not letting any of the backlash of the #Beygate scandal, where she reportedly lip-synced an amazing rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, during the 57th Presidential Inauguration, stop her from making moves, literally. She posted a couple pictures on her instagram and apparently she’s already in New Orleans rehearsing for the big halftime show for Super Bowl XLVII.

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Ok, now that last one, where’s she’s rocking that “Can I live?” hoodie speaks volumes! Really, can she people? In some eyes, she can do no wrong, in other’s everything she does is wrong! She has a right to ask, or at least allude to it, especially when Bey news trumps world news and sometimes national disaster coverage.

I can already hear some of you asking, why is this news? Well, for one, I happen to love Beyonce. Lip-syncing, routine-stealing, and fake baby bumps aside (some of which are alleged, might I add), @baddiebey is one of the greatest singers/performers to ever hit a stage or bless a mic.

For two, I enjoy watching the game of football (note to all my potential single male candidates) and all those men in tight pants and heavy gear, being all rough and tough and stuff.

Plus, one of the teams that advanced holds a special place in my heart, after attending one of their winning away game last year (along with one of my besties) and meeting some of the players, namely Michael Oher, the man and story behind the award-winning movie, The Blind Side. Let’s go Ravens!!!


Watching Beyonce over the years, I’ve come to realize that everything her team does, especially as far as publicity is concerned, is skillfully-calculated. In my opinion, #Beygate is simply a ploy to get more people—those that wouldn’t normally watch—to tune in to the Super Bowl. It’s all about numbers for the @Beyonce show, considering she’s working on new music and gearing up to possibly drop a 5th album.

Truth is, more than likely people, she will be lip-syncing again. But she’s not alone. Jennifer Hudson, Brittany Spears, Faith Hill, and the late, great Whitney Houston, just to name a few, have all lip-synced during the Super Bowl.

ABC News reports that Houston’s unforgettable rendition of the anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl…set the standard that most singers have tried to top. But that performance, which was also in Tampa, was lip-synced as well, according to the AP.

Rickey Minor, who has produced numerous Super Bowl pregame performances, told the Associated Press, “that’s the right way to do it…There’s too many variables to go live. I would never recommend any artist go live because the slightest glitch would devastate the performance.”

And according to ABC News, Robert Levine, executive editor of Billboard magazine, doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Levine believes such revelations should not take away from Houston’s or Hudson’s performances. “It’s a prerecording of her,” he said about Hudson. “The ‘fakeness’ is that it’s not really live, not that it’s not really her.” And I second that Levine, on behalf of Beyonce.

So there you have it folks. Lip-syncing is not as taboo as it once was. Sometimes it’s required. So give Bey a break and be sure to tune in to the Super Bowl XLVII, Feburary 3rd, when the Ravens and 49ers kick off at 6:30 EST on CBS! I’ll certainly be watching. ~Katrina B.

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