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Hey SiNgLe MoMmIes, DaDdIeS, SiNgLe LaDiEs, or whatever category you fit in!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you’re a regular, you know I appreciate the love and support. Next time bring a friend. I promise I’m trying to be more consistent. *winks*

Ok, ladies and gents, I have to get right to the point. What is it with me, the month of August, and African men?!? Like Seriously!! Remember last year around this time, August 24th to be exact, I met one, by way of a friends’ introduction, and we dated about four months and then sort of broke up?

Yea I know, technically I only alluded to the fact that he was foreign. So now you know, if you didn’t already guess, that “WrOnG MiStEr” 3 (through 8) was African. Then, it wasn’t as important. But, because they seemingly pop into my life every August, I think now it is.

Disclaimer: The nationality and the month is more than likely very coincidental, but it’s being used for the purpose of this blog post anyway.

Okay, so let me just say, he has not be inducted into the  “WrOnG MiStEr” series yet. I definitely don’t think he’ll make it, because I have no intentions of being anything other than a friend to this guy, if that, although, my son TJ is already heading his candidacy.

Now wait, I don’t want anyone taking this the wrong way, I L-o-V-e my African brothers, but based on my very own personal experience and because this is my life (“Good point Katrina” “Thank you!”), I am entitled to my opinion (i.e. personal view, personal judgment), which is, they’re just not for me.

With that being said, I have to tell you how we met, which will then explain how he ended up with my business card, because I was trying to keep it strictly professional.

TJ and I made a quick stop to CVS one evening to pick up a birthday card for a family member. We were in the aisle minding our own business when this nice gentleman walked up to me.

“Oh, I see you’re looking for birthday cards.”

“Yes,” I said. It was obvious, but I smiled and turned my attention back to the cards thinking he would disappear.

“Wow, is this your son? How old is he?”

“Yes, he’s 9.”

“Oh hi, I’m ______ and you are sir?” he extended his hand to shake TJ’s.

I was totally impressed. He acknowledged the most important man in my life first.

TJ squared off with him, man to lil’ man, shook his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Terrell.”

“Are you on your way to a party? Can I come along with you?” he laughed.

“Well it’s not my party to invite anyone too.” I smiled, thinking that was way too forward, but I appreciated his sense of humor. Boy could I tell that TJ didn’t find anything remotely funny, he side-eyed him the whole time after their introduction.

“No, I’m kidding. But, I just wanted you to know that I was with my friend in the parking lot. He and I met at Starbucks here to talk and was just leaving when you drove past and I saw you. I told my friend I had to come talk to you. I couldn’t let you get away, so I came in here just to tell you how beautiful you are.”

“Oh, thank you,” I replied.

“No, thank you. May I ask are you married?” I caught his eye as he quickly glanced at my ring finger, which was actually covered by my favorite two-finger LoVe ring, a symbolic declaration to my future.

“Uh … no, I’m not.” I didn’t expect that question. It totally caught me off guard. I wasn’t use to men approaching me and being so forward.

“Oh, no, well I’m single,” he said as he place his hand on his chest, “would you mind exchanging numbers?”

“Yea … okay, I obliged. How could I not, after he practically chased me down, showered me with a compliment, and presented himself in such a respectable manner? Plus, he was a very handsome African man, I might add.

“Let me get you my business card. Where are you from?” I asked.

“Oh, you can hear my accent huh?”

“Yes, I do,”


“I’m sorry, what’s your name again?”

“It’s Lewis” (names have been changed to protect the innocent).

“I’m Katrina. Here’s my card. Do you have one?”

“No, I could give you my number. Hopefully we can have some coffee sometime. When is the best time to call you?”

“Well, I’m on my way to a birthday dinner. I’ll probably get in really late tonight so…”

“Oh, not tonight,” he interjected.

“…maybe you could call me sometime tomorrow afternoon.”

“Okay, perfect. Well you two have fun at the party and maybe I can come along sometime in the future. It was really a pleasure meeting you Katrina.”

“You too, Lewis,” I replied and shook his hand good bye.

As I watched him disappear, flattered, I couldn’t help but wonder 1) what had I done, 2) why had I given this man my number, 3) was I really ready to be friends with him or any man for that matter, and 4) did I really have the time to be meeting someone for coffee anyway?

All of this was going on in my head, as my son/husband/father was interrogating me, more concerned about questions number 1 and 2. He was not impressed, nor did he think he was worthy of my number, and believe me, he made that very clear the entire night, until he went to bed. “Oh my Gosh! TJ, I got it!”

So, it’s been four days ladies and I haven’t spoken to him on the phone. He’s called and sent texts and I only responded to one, which was, “Hey Lewis! Saw I missed your call. At another dinner party, then work late. I have a deadline to meet. Can I please call you tomorrow? So Sorry! ~Katrina”

All of it was true. And at the time I had intentions to call, but now, I’m not so sure, because I don’t know what the point of all of this is. It’s apparently not just for friendship. He made the nature of our encounter very clear, so he’s looking for more than just a friend, and I on the other hand, was too, kinda’, just not with him (yea, that sounds a lot meaner on paper than it did in my head).

And I’m sure we could rule out business purposes, unless he’s trying to act or something. I didn’t quite get that vibe.

So what do I do ladies? I feel bad putting him off, which in my defense, I have been busy. I’m adding the finishing touches to my book, and I’m also trying to stay on top of the blog, in addition to all of my other SiNgLe MoMmY duties. *bucks eyes*

Buuuut, I don’t want to lead him on in any way. I know it would never work past friendship, which is why I should not have given him my darn number to begin with. *sighs*

Well, you all chime in, hit me up on Facebook and let me know your thoughts about it. If you think I should call or go for coffee, let me know quick, I got the man waiting. I hate that I’m so confused! Ain’t nobody got time for that lol!

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Alright, I’ll see you all next week, be sure to check out other posts on the blog, they’re pretty good (so I’ve heard) and refer a friend or two or ten, until then my friends…

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