Wrong Mister Part 11: Out of Sight, Out of Mind



Hey SmF fam!! You’ve waited long enough. I’m skipping the intro (well maybe I’ll give you an outro) and I’m getting right to the story, because I’m sure some of you are wondering what happened with WrOnG MiSteR in “YoU GoT NeRvE 2!”

Well the last thing he said was:

“We gotta’ talk. You should call me sometimes.”

And my wearing-everything-on-my-face-cant-hide-anything-self, led him to this next question:

“What? You don’t have my number anymore? What? You deleted it? For real? It’s like that?”

And remember I told you that I hadn’t actually deleted it…but see what had happened was, because he treated our friendship so badly, I changed his contact name and every time he would call or text, DO NOT ANSWER would display. So I wouldn’t, but I couldn’t look him in the face and tell him that.

So I replied,

“Noooo, I still have it in my phone,” which was the absolute truth, it was still there.

“Oh, ok,” he said sort of suspiciously.

He got nerve, I thought to myself, and before I knew it, “but don’t be asking me to call you just because you and your girlfriend broke up, AGAIN, because I’m not,” blurted out of my mouth.

“Man, I can’t win with you,” he laughed, “it’s not about that, you should be able to call me because we’re friends, right?”

“Uh, huh…bye!” I replied as I got in my truck and drove out of the parking lot, with absolutely no intention of calling or texting him or being his friend. And I felt good about my decision, even though MiStEr’S bright white smile, dimples, bulging biceps, and glistening body almost had this single sista’ that gets lonely some times seriously caught up! LAWD that man is F-I-N-E!

But wait!?! Did he really think I was going to be dumb enough to re-develop a friendship with him, hang around, keep him entertained, until his ex decided to pop up again (because she would) hence dropping me like a bad habit?!

I don’t think so!

I stood my ground ladies, because I’m not that desperate or even “ThIrStY” to deal with a man that showed me who he really was, the first time around. And I’m sure you know about the old adage, if a person shows you who they are, believe them.

So anyway, I hadn’t even got home before he sent a text saying it was nice seeing me. And I replied…ok, yes I replied, just as a nice gesture, returning the same sentiment. It was nice to see him in all his handsome glory.

And you know, I had to tell my god-mom and my girls about him and his sexiness audacity, but once I “girl, yes he did, can you believe him?” for several conversations, I knew I was done with it and him, seriously, he was out of sight, out of mind.

And that’s the way it was for the next couple of weeks, until he sent yet another text. This time around I didn’t respond, maybe it was on purpose, maybe not. I think I had gotten busy and forgot about getting around to it, or something like that. But anyway, two days later, after not hearing back from me, he sent another text asking:

 “Are you ignoring me?”

It was at that point that I had to make a decision, quickly. It was either a) ignore him or b) be nice and respond, but not allow the conversation to get carried away. I had already opened the door at our encounter, but I couldn’t let him all the way in again.

I really didn’t understand why I was debating. If I chose a, then he would get the point and leave me alone, right? And if I chose b, I knew exactly how this situation was going to play out. But what about c? Maybe, just maybe, things would be different this time around.

I know you’re thinking, who said anything about C? Well me, or at least my vulnerability did. She’s shows up every once and awhile and tries to take control.

But I’m not going to tell you what I did just yet, for the sake of time. But I will be back next week. Man, I have so much to tell you and there are pics to share, so I’ll definitely have another post for you on Wednesday. Until then…

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