Wrong Mister Part 10: Was He Worth My Time?


Mommies!!! I hope you had an awesome three day weekend & a happy Memorial Day. I know I did! It was complete with bright sunshine, warm weather, a beautiful park, fam, friends, kids, laughter, barbecue, a lot of snacking, overeating, card playing and ish talking…Phase 10 and spades just wouldn’t be the same without the latter (lol). It really was the perfect holiday.

Just so you know, I’m sipping on a cup of strong caramel colored coffee with plenty of sugar—my third cup in like a year, which tells you just how often I drink it–so that I could uphold my end of the bargain…getting you Wednesday’s post by any means necessary.

Well anyway, I know I left you hanging last week, not on purpose of Continue reading Wrong Mister Part 10: Was He Worth My Time?

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