Wrong Mister Part 9: You Got Nerve!

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Hey SMF fam!!! So glad to see you!!! I know, it’s been a while since we’ve connected and that’s my fault. I’ve been so caught up in all of the other stuff I’m doing and have going on; single mommying, momagering, authoring, and entrepenuering, that I didn’t realize how much I was neglecting my blogging for SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS…smh!

I know I said I write as often as any SiNgLe MoMmY wearing as many hats and juggling the full plate that I do would, but I had a lil’ talk with someone whom I deem my outside voice of reason, and they said, that I really had to get it together, which basically meant that I had to get back to blogging regularly and post at least once or twice a week on the same day, so you all would know when to come back.

I guess I figured I would tweet and Facebook to get your attention, like I had been doing, whenever I had something new for you to read. And that’s was probably okay, but that still didn’t negate the fact that I had to be consistent with the blog. I’m going to get it together, I promise. And I won’t be able to use the “overwhelmed” SiNgLe MoMmY card anymore…well, only in the event of an emergency or two…fair enough?

So I had some time to really think about it, and Wednesday’s are going to be my post day. So SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS will have something for you right smack dab in the middle of our crazy week and I’m sure the posts will provide you with some encouragement, enlightenment or a lil’ laughter to carry you through, or just a simple reminder to Do You, which is always important! So Wednesday it is! Heeeyy!!!

Ok, so what cliff did I leave you all hanging on last time we were together? I’m kidding, but let me see, where were we?…Ooooh!! I ran into one of my WrOnG MiStErS in It HaPpEnS So, and the story goes a lil’ something like this, hit it…

<<<REWIND<<< So, we left the set on that Monday evening and I ended up taking care of some business before I headed home. I was in line waiting to be serviced, at the last stop of the day, when I heard a familiar voice call out to me.

Now I haven’t had any MiStEr, neither RiGhT nor WrOnG, in my life for a while, so the mixture of sexy, masculine tone and testosterone carrying the syllables of my moniker ♪♫♪ ~K~a~t~r~i~n~a~ ♪♫♪ was sweet music to my ears.

I turned, surprised (I can’t even front and leave off a very important adjective), so truthfully, I was pleasantly surprised, to see that it was MiStEr.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked as if I wasn’t standing in a public place of business.

“Uh, I saw you when you were pulling in. You didn’t here me blowing my horn at you?”

“No,” I said as I tried not to act so surprised or pleasant for that matter to see MiStEr’S bright white smile, dimples, bulging biceps on his glistening body…yes he seemed to be glistening, maybe it was just me.

“What are you doing over here in my neck of the woods?” I asked.

“I live over here, remember?” He said.

“Oh yea, I chuckled. “I’m the one that’s new to the neighborhood. I forgot you stayed over this way.”

“How long have you been living over here? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Because I haven’t been answering your phone calls, I thought to my self, but I managed to suppress my thoughts and say, “oh a little over a year. I live around the corner from here,” I totally ignored the last part of his question.

“So what have you been up too?” He asked.

“Ma’am I can help you over here.”

“Oh excuse me,” I said as I took a deep breath and headed towards the CSR.

I quickly and discreetly glanced over my shoulder and there he stood, still, waiting for me to finish my transaction and torture me with his supposedly unwarranted conversation and company.

Now ladies, I wasn’t holding on to a grudge, trust me, but a lil’ part of me still felt slighted and irritated by his presence because of the way he handled me in WrOnG MiStEr Pt. 2. This was the same very grown man (older than me, I might add) that I expected more from and was very immature and disrespectful for handling his friendship with me the way he did. Where was that DO NOT ANSWER call prompt when I needed it?

“Have a great day ma’am!”

“Thank you,” I said as I took one more deep breath to keep my cool after reminiscing about our bad ending and cautiously made my way back to the question MiStEr posed before I was saved by the rep.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were gonna’ wait for me.”

“Ah no problem, I wanted to talk to you for a minute. It’s been a while. So what have you been up too?” He asked aaagain.

“Oh, TJ’s been keeping me pretty busy with his schedule, we just got off the set not too long ago,,” I said as I rubbed my baby boy’s tightly curled locks & he stood there with a half smile, like a lil’ body guard ready to jack up WrOnG MiStEr on my command. “What have you been up too?”

“Working, church, the usual, you know me,” he said as he gently touched my arm and continued on…

Oh man, I’ll have to finish where he left off next week ladies! I know, I know, I’m making you wait, again, but don’t worry, Wednesday is right around the corner. And I will be posting in rain, sleet, or snow! Not that weather has had anything to ever do with my posting inconsistencies.

Well anyway, I hope you’ve made some of those I’m DoInG Me plans we talked about several posts ago on your three day weekend. The weather is going to be so nice, so I’m certainly wishing you the best Memorial Day eva!!

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Until we meet again…

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