It Happens So, Now What?

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Hey ladies!!! So glad you stopped by. I want to apologize, I missed last Friday’s post (not on purpose of course), because some things came up unexpectedly. But I’m sure you know that comes with the SiNgLe MoMmY territory. It’s certainly the irony (if you will), behind the FiLeS…even though I take this new blogging gig seriously, I post as often as a woman wearing a lot of hats, carrying a full plate in one hand and juggling a number of responsibilities in the other, would. Ahhh my life…you gotta’ see the irony in that.

I tweeted earlier yesterday morning that I had left my computer which meant Monday’s post would be delayed. I sat on set with TJ for approximately eight hours, with no way to work on the blog or accomplish anything for that matter. I would not have left it, if it was actually at my place, but I couldn’t explain (hence 140 characters) that I had mistakenly left it at a friend’s house.

We left the studio in a hurry and I took care of some banking before heading home. Luckily TJ and I had eaten quite a bit on set, so I didn’t have to worry about dinner just yet. I made it through my doors, immediately shed my day clothes and jumped into some comfortable loungamas (my work-at-home attire; not quite pajamas but not quite appropriate to wear outside), ready to attack the blog, when I realized I never picked up my darn computer. UGH!!!

…..20 minutes later, I was back home and in front of my computer only to discover the annoying little yellow triangle with the black exclamation point in the middle, over my wireless bars; a friendly reminder that I wouldn’t have my new AT&T internet service until after 8:00pm PST (which I found to be a very random time of the day).

After waiting patiently for the clock to strike 8 and performing several reboots, I would learn 12 hours later, after a conversation with a CSR on a long technical support call, that AT&T had the incorrect address, an order would have to be rewritten and I wouldn’t have internet for another three business days.

I took a deep breath and remained as calm as I possibly could, thanks to a little talk I had with Jesus in my head and possibly that oil of evening primrose supplement I take to help reduce symptoms of pms. I was pleasantly surprised at my reaction, well my non-reaction, considering I had been seriously inconvenienced and stripped of a valuable resource that helped me run efficiently in “MoMmYhOoD” mode, because of an error on my original order.

Moral of the story…It HaPpEnS So (I’m sure most of you can find a much better adjective than “it,” I’ll leave that up to you)…a lot. Sometimes you have control, other times you don’t, shoot, majority of the time you don’t, so you have to work with what you’re working work, try to be rational and calm and grown-up about it, and make the best of every not-so-good situation…yea, that about sums it up.

Well anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did! Wow, that sounds very redundant in my head, but I really did. You’d be surprised at how positive your outcome of life is; the caliber of people you’d find yourself surrounded by and interacting with; and the unbelievable things you’d find yourself doing and places you’d end up going, if you were to take some of my advice in “I’m DoInG Me” AND “No HaTeRs AlLoWeD!” 

Side bar: Although the purpose of this blog is not to preach or push religious beliefs, I have to say that I have experienced unmerited favor and been the recipient of abundant blessings. I’ve dreamed some inconceivable dreams and accomplished some unreachable goals, yet I haven’t even scratched the surface, all because I made a choice to maintain a personal relationship with God, keep Him first in my life, and operate out of obedience always.

By no means am I implying that my life is perfect or that I’m perfect…I am a work in progress…still. But I am making certain sacrifices a lot of people around me aren’t. You can’t have what others have if you’re not willing to do what others do, I’m just saying.

And in the midst of it all the good, I feel over-worked, over-whelmed, I over-think, over-react, over-analyze, can be a lil’ over-bearing, go over-board, and over-eat, on top of the pms’n (A common vein in the SMF posts. You’ll see that word a lot), that wreaks havoc in my body approximately 36 weeks out of the year, and is usually the blame for the “over” in all of those words I mentioned above.

With all that being said, I’ve learned to take the great with the okay and the good with the bad and deal with it the best way I can. Depending on the situation ladies, deep breaths, woo-saa exercises, counting down, praying in my head (definitely praying in my head), biting my tongue, and hot baths surrounded by candles has in some way or another saved me from anxiety and migraines and crying fits; and certainly from stressful days and sleepless nights; and a lot of the should-have, would-have, could-have’s all together.

So thankful I’m growing and learning how to just….BE…HAPPY! And it’s definitely something I want for all of you!

Oh would you look at the time! Something’s come up again and I really have to go. But before I do, remember I mentioned that I had taken care of some business after I left the set Monday? Well you will not believe who I actually ran into!?! No, really, just take a wild guess. Man, I still can’t believe it myself. Okay, okay, you don’t have to guess. I’m sure some of you may have an idea or think you already figured out the answer. But “who” is the question?

Okay, I seriously have to go. I hate to do this, but I promise I’ll pick this story up where we left off in the next post!

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Until then…

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