Vegas Baby…Only Thee Best Will Do!

Hey SMF fam!! Happy May Day to you all!! I can never say how much I really appreciate your support enough! Well as you may have noticed, I made an impromptu decision to extend my vacay when I got back from “VeGaS BaBy!” And boy, was it a good decision.

I didn’t abstain from work so much, but I used the time to sort things out in my head. I was all over the place, stretched, and I found myself feeling quite overwhelmed with all of my “FiRsT StEpS” duties, which wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, I find myself at that place from time to time.

But the real problem was my struggle to write, considering it has come to me so effortlessly in the past. I was busy working on the SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS, but I had totally abandoned the second draft of my novel ‘A Journey Like No Other.’ So I spent some of my downtime, working on it.

So it’s all good now. And I’m happy to say, I realigned my life, refocused my energy, put things in perspective, and I’m back and better than ever!

So anyway, I promised I would tell you all about my trip to Vegas with my homegirls *rubs hands together and squeals* And let me just say Oh—My! It was THEE BEST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION/VEGAS VACAY I had ever been apart of and I’ve got some pics to prove it. Check them out.

This was thee best group of ladies to spend the weekend with! We had sooo much fun! It was ridiculous!!

We had thee best road trip ever in this comfy Mercedes Sprinter van equipped with a flat screen TV, X-box 360 and wifi. Annnnd we had our own driver.

This was thee best place to stay in Vegas hands down! We had access to an 11,000 sq. ft. mansion in a gated community right across the street from…

Jennifer Lopez’s house! Hey J-Lo girl!

We ate here…

and chilled here…

Watched TV here….

Colombiana was getting ready to come on. I loved Zoe Saldana in this movie!!! And yes, those are my painted toes :)

We swam (B.O.D.E fo’ life ladies LOL!), played under the waterfall, sat in the Jacuzzi, and sunbathed all day next to one of thee best private pools I had been in.

Here I am “DoInG Me!”

I took the elevator up…

jaccuzied in this tub…

and slept in this bed and got a few of thee best night sleeps ever…

♫♪ ♫♪ Oh you fancy huh? Oh you fancy huh? Oh you fancy huh? Oh you fancy huh? Nails done, hair done, everything did, nails done hair done, everything did. Oh you fancy huh? Oh you fancy huh? Oh you fancy huh? Oh you fancy huh? ♫♪♫♪

Here’s thee Birthday Girl!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARMZ!!!! Thank you for sharing your weekend with us!!!


We all celebrated one night at the Tao in the Venetian. FAB!!!

The next night, we sat at a few tables at the Bellagio (don’t judge us) and asked a stranger to snap this pic of us. We’re missing the other half of the ladies.

Here I am again posing for one of thee best photographers evs lol!

Let me tell you, these pictures do not do one of thee most exciting, relaxing, rejuvenating and inspiring vacays I ever had, any justice! It was ThEe BeSt and after this experience, thee only way I’ll be staying in Vegas! I’m spoiled now lol!

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Well , be sure to check back in on Friday! Until then…

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