Wrong Mister Part 10: Was He Worth My Time?


Mommies!!! I hope you had an awesome three day weekend & a happy Memorial Day. I know I did! It was complete with bright sunshine, warm weather, a beautiful park, fam, friends, kids, laughter, barbecue, a lot of snacking, overeating, card playing and ish talking…Phase 10 and spades just wouldn’t be the same without the latter (lol). It really was the perfect holiday.

Just so you know, I’m sipping on a cup of strong caramel colored coffee with plenty of sugar—my third cup in like a year, which tells you just how often I drink it–so that I could uphold my end of the bargain…getting you Wednesday’s post by any means necessary.

Well anyway, I know I left you hanging last week, not on purpose of Continue reading Wrong Mister Part 10: Was He Worth My Time?


Wrong Mister Part 9: You Got Nerve!

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Hey SMF fam!!! So glad to see you!!! I know, it’s been a while since we’ve connected and that’s my fault. I’ve been so caught up in all of the other stuff I’m doing and have going on; single mommying, momagering, authoring, and entrepenuering, that I didn’t realize how much I was neglecting my blogging for SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS…smh!

I know I said I write as often as any SiNgLe MoMmY wearing as many hats and juggling the full plate that I do would, but I had a lil’ talk with someone whom I deem my outside voice of reason, and Continue reading Wrong Mister Part 9: You Got Nerve!


Mothering Phenomenally

This day and prayer is dedicated to every last one of the women out there, especially my SiNgLe MoMmIeS, who have done everything in their power to take care of their children by living godly; leading admirably; loving unconditionally; sacrificing selflessly; protecting relentlessly; providing resourcefully; listening intently, advising knowledgeably; chastening uncompromisingly…mothering phenomenally! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother Prayer

Dear Lord,
today we pray for mothers–
our own mothers, and mothers everywhere,
who have made such a major contribution
to the good qualities we have,
sometimes through genetics,
more often through great effort and patient instruction,
and who have done their best
to gently polish away our rough edges.

Lord, please bless our mothers
for the endless hours of time they spent
and the boundless energy they invested in us.
Bless our mothers for their sacrifices on our behalf
as they often gave up or deferred their own dreams
so that we could have ours.

Bless our mothers for always being there for us,
for being the person we know we can turn to
when we need comfort, encouragement, or just a hug.
Bless our mothers for making a home for us
where we could feel safe, where we felt we belonged.

Most of all, Lord,
bless our mothers for their unconditional love,
for loving us no matter what,
and for frequently showing love
in ways that make us feel valued and cherished.
Lord, please bless our mothers mightily.

Strengthen them, soothe them,
wrap them in Your infinite love
and shower them with blessings
too numerous to count, too magnificent to describe.
We love them, admire them, respect them,
and we wish that You would give them back
many times the good they gave to us.
In Jesus’ name we pray; Amen.

 ~Joanna Fuchs


It Happens So, Now What?

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Hey ladies!!! So glad you stopped by. I want to apologize, I missed last Friday’s post (not on purpose of course), because some things came up unexpectedly. But I’m sure you know that comes with the SiNgLe MoMmY territory. It’s certainly the irony (if you will), behind the FiLeS…even though I take this new blogging gig seriously, I post as often as a woman wearing a lot of hats, carrying a full plate in one hand and juggling a number of responsibilities in the other, would. Ahhh my life…you gotta’ see the irony in that.

I tweeted earlier yesterday morning that I had left my computer which meant Monday’s post would be delayed. I sat on set with TJ for approximately eight hours, with no way to work on the blog or Continue reading It Happens So, Now What?


Vegas Baby…Only Thee Best Will Do!

Hey SMF fam!! Happy May Day to you all!! I can never say how much I really appreciate your support enough! Well as you may have noticed, I made an impromptu decision to extend my vacay when I got back from “VeGaS BaBy!” And boy, was it a good decision.

I didn’t abstain from work so much, but I used the time to sort things out in my head. I was all over the place, stretched, and I found myself feeling quite overwhelmed with all of my “FiRsT StEpS” duties, which wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, I find myself at that place from time to time.

But the real problem was my struggle to write, considering it has come to me so effortlessly in the past. I was busy working on the SiNgLe MoMmY FiLeS, but I had totally abandoned the second draft of my novel ‘A Journey Like No Other.’ So I spent some of my downtime, working on it.

So it’s all good now. And I’m happy to say, I realigned my life, refocused my energy, put things in perspective, and I’m back and better than ever!

So anyway, I promised I would tell you all about my trip to Vegas with my homegirls *rubs hands together and squeals* And let me just say Oh—My! It was THEE BEST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION/VEGAS VACAY I had ever been apart of and I’ve got some pics to prove it. Check them out.

This was thee best group of ladies to spend the weekend with! We had sooo much fun! It was ridiculous!!

We had thee best road trip ever in this comfy Mercedes Sprinter Continue reading Vegas Baby…Only Thee Best Will Do!

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