Catch 22: When They’re Old Enough To Be Your Dad


Hey Mommies!

Whew!! This weekend was H—E—double hockey sticks for me. First off, it is that dreaded time of the month, which has consisted of some pill-popping (Excedrin that is), for the pain; moping and whining, for the pain; and plenty of high heating pad usage, for the pain. I finally took the time to research whether or not the heat from the pad was frying my precious ovaries. Lucky for me, and everyone else around, it’s recommended.

With the onslaught of debilitating uterus contractions aka CRAMPS!!!, I’ve been tortured with lower back pain, a migraine or two or seven, some bloating, weight gain, a pimple here and there, and a hormonal imbalance where at any given moment, without warning, I’m liable to snap at an innocent victim or break down and cry about everything or nothing at all…it depends. I mean, it’s a reoccurring nightmare, every single month.

And ladies, I’m so ashamed to admit this—but I have to, so I can sleep Continue reading Catch 22: When They’re Old Enough To Be Your Dad

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