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Hey S.m.F. fam! So glad you’re back! Those of you that are visiting for the first time, please make sure you check out WrOnG MiStEr series Parts 1-5 to bring you up to speed. The rest of you, follow me.

Where did we leave off? Oh yea, so he called me after 11am the next day, as promised–which was a major check. For the record, I appreciate any man (or person, for that matter) that keeps his word. He asked if I was still interested in going out with him and if Friday worked for me, because he had already made plans to visit friends on Saturday. My response to this question was “yes, of course.”

Apparently this man didn’t know a lot about females and how we worked, okay. I had dreamed about our perfect little date just 11 hours prior to his call. I knew what I was wearing, how my hair was going to look, what perfume I was wearing, everything. I have to say, I liked the gentleman in him though. He didn’t assume anything, which was another check. Alright, I see you MiStEr, all checked out, for now…I was just going to give it a little more time before I ran a background and credit check on him (I’m soooo serious).

He asked me what kind of foods I liked; what did I like to do; if I was into sports or indoor or outdoor activities; whether or not I had any place in particular that I wanted to go…and of course I didn’t. Those that know me know that I’m pretty…uhh…easy going and easy to please. So his questions for someone like me, through me for a loop. I hadn’t had a chance to really think about things that I was interested in doing on a date, besides dinner and a movie. I mean, ideally I would’ve loved a picnic of some sort, I like that kind of stuff, but it was far too romantic at this point, in my opinion.

“Can I think about it, and call you later this evening,” I asked.

“That’s fine,”he said, “so I’ll talk to you later. Looking forward to it.”

I went about my day, obviously thinking about something interesting to do ON MY FIRST DATE!!! And just like that it, it hit me. OMG!!! This was serious AND official. See “WrOnG MiStEr” Pt. 2 had nothing on this guy. And whatever it was I thought we had was short lived and obviously not as important to him as it was to me. So this thing right here, was exciting and overwhelming all at the same time…obviously, not a dream anymore.

I called him back that night and told him that I thought Universal StudiosCity walk would be a great option. We could walk and talk. There were several restaurants, coffee and dessert shops there.

“Well, I was thinking about this restaurant in Culver City,” he said. “Do you like Thai food?”

“Yea, that sounds really good,” I replied.” I hadn’t had Thai before, because I wasn’t that fond of spicy food, although I loved Asian cuisine. But the thought of trying something new and different with him was sort of exciting.

“Okay, so Thai it is,” he said, “The place isn’t all that fancy, so be sure to dress comfortably.”

By the time we discussed the details and ended the call, I had mixed emotions about his suggestion for our date. I didn’t quite know how to feel about him asking me what I wanted to do, me suggesting something (after I had toiled over it all day), and taking it upon himself to make other plans. However, at the same time, MiStEr taking total control of the situation, like a man, was kind of sexy.

Lawd!!! Friday night couldn’t get here fast enough. Surprisingly, I didn’t dream about us that night. I barely slept a wink…my mind refused to listen to my desperate plea for a much needed beauty sleep.

I couldn’t shake the nervous energy that day until I looked at the fly chick in the full body mirror. Oh you fancy huh! I exclaimed. I thought I was doing something in “WrOnG MiStEr” Pt. 4, but I wish you could have seen me that night. Stunning! You couldn’t tell me nothing.

I pulled up to the restaurant and he met me in the parking lot. He looked just as handsome as I had remembered, in his jacket, jeans and casual shoes. We embraced.

“You look very beautiful,”he said.

“Thank you,” I replied, as I walked through the door he held open for me.

This restaurant was very fancy. I wasn’t sure why he said otherwise. The décor was very upscale modern, the lights were dim, and the ambiance was definitely romantic.

He pulled out my chair, we sat and browsed the menus. He suggested some dishes and we ordered. I was so comfortable with him. I wasn’t afraid to eat or laugh or say what was on my mind, and he seemed that way as well. I appreciated that.

“You want to go for a walk?” he asked after the waiter walked away with the bill.

“Sure,” I said,“you didn’t have to do that.”

“Do what?”

“Pay for my dinner. I didn’t expect you to, but thank you.”

“I know, but I wanted to, and you’re welcome,” he said, “I was thinking we could head to Venice beach.”

“That sounds nice,” I replied. I was totally impressed.

Ladies, we strolled the beach that night, at times hand in hand, and other times with our arms wrapped around each other tight, his body shielding me from the breeze off the Pacific. We walked and talked and laughed for hours, caught up into one another, paying no attention to the crowds around us.

“Let’s sit and rest for a while,” he suggested.

He sat down at the concrete picnic table and I sat slightly between his legs as my back rested on his muscular chest. Our eyes admired the beautifully bright lights above our heads in an absolute perfect night sky. The colorful, vibrant lights from the Santa Monica Pier amusement park afar, caught our attention from time to time, as we continued conversations about our past relationships, where we were in life, plans for the future, marriage, religion, kids…I don’t think we left any stone unturned.

He held me and I welcomed a couple of the light sensual kisses he planted on the back of my neck. And the gentle one he left on my lips as we stood to leave.

“It’s getting late, I don’t want to keep you out all night,” he said.

We headed back down the path towards the car. Half way there, we came upon a puddle.

“Are you ready?”He asked.

“Yea, let’s do it,” I thought as I readied myself to jump across the puddle with him. How fun! I thought.

But to my ultimate surprise, he picked me up and carried me over it. I was outdone at that point. I had never had a man do that before, ever. I don’t even think my wasband (I like this word much better. Thank you Ms. Toni Braxton) carried me over the threshold.

At that point, as far as I could tell MiStEr was it. By the time we made it back into the car, to the parking lot of the Thai restaurant, and our lips fused passionately for one last kiss goodbye, I was convinced, if he was wrong, I didn’t want to be right.

Now some of you that are reading will probably tell me that it was much too early to say something like that. But you have to remember, I had a table full of ladies from WrOnG MiStEr Pt. 3 that would approve of this message AND MiStEr wined and dined me (sans the wine), and literally swept me off my feet.

I drove home that night…smitten. At one point, it did dawn on me that he would be leaving in two days. I was still high off of our evening, but a little disappointed because I didn’t want the romance to end. I wondered what was next for us. I’m sure you are too, so please come back Friday, same place, same time.

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Until then…

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