Wrong Mister Part 3: The Set-Up


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>>>>>Fast forward>>>>> It’s now April 2011, Easter Sunday to be exact. Some friends and I met for lunch after church. We enjoyed our Chinese cuisine and each other’s company as much as we could with all of our kids at the other end of the table.

I was in the middle of confessing that I had relapsed on an old guilty pleasure of mine and had shamefully gone back to watching 16 and Pregnant again. I was obviously hooked on a ridiculously scripted reality show that inadvertently promoted teen pregnancy and gave me the same front row seat in the labor and delivery room that Baby Stories (a more appropriate show with adults) once did. But I did notice this time around I wasn’t shedding as many tears, if any. Perhaps, because I was thinking that having another baby wasn’t as good of an idea without a potential mate/husband–which I was far from getting being off the market and all.

Well anyway, out of the blue, one of the ladies mentioned that they knew a good friend of their family that was single. For a second, in the back of mind, I wondered had she heard that annoying clock of mine blaring away on the inside, because I never mentioned that I was looking for anyone. And then I thought, a friend of a friend has a good friend that she wants to introduce me to…this was exactly what I wanted. I sat up straight in my chair and leaned in. She had my full undivided attention.

“I wish I knew what type of men you’re attracted to,” she said (I’m paraphrasing), “he’s a good-looking guy, in my opinion.” Okay, check, I thought. “He’s very athletic and has this soccer player’s body, very muscular, no body fat. He definitely has a six pack.” Hmm, I murmured out loud by accident. “He has his Ph.D.” Check. “He’s really a genius in his field and he has a great job.” Check. “He’s never been married and doesn’t have kids.” Check and check.

Now, I’ve been told that a lot of times, I wear my expression all over my face. I’ve tried working on that, but I believe, it lit up like a light-bulb, because something definitely sparked on the inside (I would’ve thought then it was the deactivation of my biological alarm from the news of this promising potential, if it wasn’t for the ticking I hear now).

His spokeswoman continued on with more details and I surveyed the table as everyone there; a wife/new mommy and another single mom/my bestie nodded and yes’d in unison. They all knew him personally and vouched for him. Beyonce said Jay-Z had her at Hello. Well…mister (unbeknownst to him) had me at the end of her introduction and their endorsement. I’m one up Bey. Okay, I kid, but I was definitely interested in making his acquaintance. I guess you’re back on the market now, I told myself.

“Well, the only problem is he lives out of town. He used to live here, but he left for a better job opportunity,” she said (still paraphrasing). “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem for me,” I replied. I wasn’t about to let several hundred miles of road between us deter me. It was actually a little relieving to know he wasn’t physically here. In my mind, I figured distance would allow me to take things really, really slow, because I was super busy with my own life–i.e. dual-parenting, dual-schooling, managing, cooking, cleaning, (you get the picture)–that I didn’t have a lot of time to fully invest in a relationship just yet and I couldn’t afford to be totally distracted.

Ladies, by the time she got finished, I could barely contain my excitement. He sounded sooo good on paper and I couldn’t wait to put a face with this resume. Now, one could argue that maybe, just maybe, my anticipation was a tad bit ThIrStY…I got my big girl panties on now, so I’ll admit, when I think back, possibly, considering that I had no idea how this guy looked (What if I wasn’t attracted to him?), what kind of personality he had or if we would hit it off (What if he’s dull or even worse, turned out to be a jerk), or if he would even be interested in moi (What if I wasn’t his type?).

These were all valid questions for someone who had just made herself available again (not even a good 30 minutes) and had never been considered for a blind hook-up/possible date. I didn’t even know how it would turn out. I mean, they never worked out well in any of the movies I saw, never. Plus, I still had a bad taste in my mouth, thanks to WrOnG MiStEr Pt. 2 himself.

Fortunately, I knew me, and the over-thinker, over-analyzer, would pretty much stress herself out with all the possibilities and maybe even talk herself out of meeting the guy before she even got a chance to meet him. I had already begun to do just that at the table after the initial excitement started wearing off and reason started to weigh in.

“When will he be in town?” I asked, figuring if I scheduled something on my blackberry calendar, maybe I would stick to it. “I don’t know. He was here last year, but I’m not sure when he’ll have the time with his new job. I’m going to talk to him about it. When he comes, I’m definitely going to set something up.”

She certainly kept her promise. But, I can’t get into it now, because it’s almost 2 a.m. and I’m already three pages in just telling you how it all began, which is really important. Looks like there will be a part 4 to this interesting story. Bare with me ladies, I doubt that it will disappoint, so please come back Friday, same place, same time, for more. Until then…

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